These are the rules of B-dabattle,these Rules apply to all games and all B-daplayers.Only Registered B-daman may partake in official battle.


-A refferee must be present,if there isn't a refferee present,try messaging one to see if they are available.

-You CAN NOT win in one shot,it is unethical and also unfair.

-A referee will determine if shot hits and how many points are earned with a shot.the referee does not take sides,if a player asks a refferee to let them win,report them to a moderator and they will be temporarily be banned from chat.

-Don't be a poor sport,if you lose,its not the end of the world,you will get points.

-a special attack can only be used with a referees permission,the referee will PM you.

-You cannot destroy another blaster.please dont even joke around about it unless your in a forbiden arena in which it is possible,though the forbidden arenas are only available during special events

-there are a minimum 2 sets(rounds) in a battle,and players can switch between blasters during the short intermission for customization or repair if your blaster sustains damage.

-the referee will choose a stadium unless the 2 players agree on one.the players choose the game no matter what.

-please do not forfeit a match or leave randomly,it is unfair to the other player and they will recieve any points you would have gotten.

-battle stats DO NOT decide the match,do not say things such as ; "my B-daman has *blank* power,i obviously won.","My B-daman has max Accuracy,I won,face it!".Statistics do play a part in the blasters performance but do not decide the match.

-A special move does not necessarily win the match for you,despite their strong power.

-you may only use your own B-daman,just because a blaster is registered doesn't mean you can use it if its not yours.

-special gear such as Wide Server's and B-daball Loader's are the only equiptment that can be equipped during battle,though a refs permission is required.


These rules do not necessarily apply in tournaments,where custom rules can be made.