Dragol is the Zero System 1st B-Daman where Samuel placing the Zero System Soul. He become Samuel's partner because he want to become a strongest B-Daman at all. The Zero System 1st B-Daman was replaced by Quinasaurus Rex, a newly designed of Zero System 2nd.


Battle of Shadow AllianceEdit

Unleash the Core BlasterEdit

Dragol was known as Terry's temporary B-Daman and  before he given back. Samuel found out that Terry is returning to wild and anger which is disobeying Samuel's orders then he is under Terry's anger influences after Joe turned into statue by Shadow the Knight's Cybros. He now was replaced by Quinasaurus Rex as he retired as B-Daman title.


  • Dragol Super Xtreme - A final evolved form of Dragol Xtreme and combined form of two forms. After revealing Cain has his Beast Memory 21, he learned that Cain was inside his host before he damaging Cabalt Blade.


  • Dragol was damaged by Cain's Lord Knight before he repaired it.