This is where you apply to have your b-daman registered for battle and given stats,you will NOT recieve perfect stats even if your blaster is considered perfect,ultimate,or any other related terms.A b-daman of level one will be given stats within 50,level twos will be givin stats within 50-100,level threes will have stats of 100-150,and the strongest ones,level fours will be given stats of register for stats and battle,leave a comment below with your B-daman,its level,and if provided,a Strike Shot.Remember,you must be level 2 and up to have a Strike Shot,though sometimes tournaments are held giving the prize of a level 1 compatable Strike Shot.

Registered B-daman:Demon Wolf,Level 1,Not compatable with Strike Shots.

Demon Lupus(Locked),Level 2,Nova Shot.

Flash Steed,Level 1,Not compatable with Strike Shots.